About RPM Retail

What is RPM Retail?

RPM Retail is online sales analysis software which uses your point-of-sale data to deliver smart stock insights in plain-English.  RPM Retail is currently being used by over 500 New Zealand retailers and their supplier partners.

How Does RPM Retail work?

Once your retail group decides to use RPM Retail we install a small program on the point-of-sale system at each store or your head office server if this already captures the data.  Each day this program will automatically send the latest sales and stock data from your point-of-sale system to the RPM Retail data warehouse .  Having gathered all of the data RPM Retail’s powerful rules engine processes the data and identifies the potential performance improvement opportunities.  Upon logging in to RPM Retail, each user is able to see these insights in a plain-English format.

Is RPM Retail Right for You?

RPM Retail is right for you if:

  • There are least 10 stores in your retail group.
  • You want to empower your retail staff and managers.
  • You want "Smarter Ordering" that uses forecasting for each SKU - not preset min/max levels.
  • Your business uses common product codes (e.g. Barcodes or PLU numbers) to record all sales.
  • Product details are centrally managed - or you want to implement a master product file.

How is RPM Retail different to traditional reporting tools?

RPM Retail is Action Orientated

RPM Retail provides a full suite of analytics reports, PLUS it delivers plain-English actionable insights which can be implemented by your stores, head office team and supplier representatives today.  By contrast, traditional reporting tools require the user to search for the opportunity and this assumes that they have the time, and the expertise to interpret data in graphs and tables and know what to do next.

RPM Retail Engages Suppliers

When provided with the right information suppliers can be a useful ally in minimising out-of-stocks, low-stocks and addressing dead stock.  Whereas traditional reporting tools may generate reports which are then periodically emailed to a supplier account manager, RPM Retail can deliver real-time insights to every supplier representative every day.

RPM Retail Makes Ordering Efficient

RPM Retail comes with pre-built insights and reports to help users focus on reordering the most important products for the business.  RPM Retail takes this process further by providing recommendations on reorder quantities incorporating rules which filter anomalies and adjust for the seasonal nature of some categories.

RPM Retail is Not an IT Project

We know how to rapidly integrate with your POS system and we know how to clean the incoming data so that high quality, actionable insights can be immediately generated.  You won’t require any new hardware, software or IT expertise. RPM Retail will provide 95% of the complex reports your analysts require out-of-the-box, and we will be able to add your custom requirements quickly and efficiently.

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Shortly after implementing RPM Retail across our stores and head office, we engaged the support of our supplier partners. This not only helped to subsidise the investment in RPM Retail, but also gave suppliers a tool to reduce out-of-stocks, reduce the volume of dead stock, and support the drive for stronger gross margins.
Geoff Moth, Operations Manager, Toyworld New Zealand

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