Pharmacist becomes Urban Herbalist

There's a new shop on the scene in the trendy Auckland suburb of Orakei. The Urban Herbalist opened its doors over Easter alongside the Farro Fresh supermarket in the newly opened Orakei Bay Village shopping centre.

Superette part of the Christchurch CBD recovery

Discerning shoppers rejoice! - Auckland fashion and homeware chain Superette will open their first South Island store in the Christchurch city centre this week - and this is another sign that the long and slow recovery of the Christchurch CBD is under way.

When is a sales increase NOT a sales increase?

When you see a headling that says "sales climb" and the opening paragraph says that "sales saw an increase of 3.8% in the latest quarter" you would expect that this is great news for the retailer concerned.... right?

But the devil is in the detail.... and reading on to the second paragraph in this story shows just how the reporting of retail sales is often not what it seems.


Professional Category Management

Doing more with less is one of the key messages for better retailing for all of the retail chains we work with.
Category Management is the science of ranging, displaying and selling the most effective range of products in each retail category. It involves product selection, pricing, promotional displays and signage – and when done well it makes the instore retail experience easier and more satisfying for customers.

Skin Care Category Management - the need for focus

At the recent Skin Care Category Management seminars held in Hamilton and Auckland retail expert John Saywell stressed the need for pharmacies to focus on the few leading products that best satisfy customers' needs.

At the seminars John presented a range of best-practices that pharmacy staff can implement to improve performance in this core pharmacy category.


RPM Retail has given me the confidence to keep our prices in line with the benchmark average and make ruthless decisions about dead stock and slow moving categories.
Anne-Marie Reidy, Owner / Manager, Hauraki Pharmacy

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