What is the cost of RPM Retail?

  • Monthly fees will be based on your data volumes and the number of stores.
  • With RPM Retail, fees are charged on a per-store per-month basis.
  • There are no significant upfront costs.
  • The cost of RPM Retail can be reduced by allowing suppliers to use RPM Retail to view the performance of their products in your stores.

What training and support will I get with RPM Retail?

  • RPM Retail training is provided via a combination of online resources and tailored group sessions.
  • Technical assistance is available via our dedicated telephone help desk.
  • Additional consultancy is available to support the change management process.

What will suppliers be able to see with RPM Retail?

  • RPM Retail access is only available to suppliers that you have elected to share data with.
  • Each supplier can only see their results and those of the group average.
  • Suppliers will have access to sell-out data and the stock on hand at each store.

How is RPM Retail different from the reports I can get from my current systems?

  • Unlike conventional business intelligence tools, RPM Retail automatically sends personalised, plain-English advice to users at every store every day. 
  • Powerful information is easily accessible via a highly intuitive user interface.  
  • All results are prioritised so the most profit impacting instances can be addressed first.  This means that less time is spent unearthing each opportunity and more time is dedicated to putting plans into action.
  • Being web based, RPM Retail is ideal for personnel who are required to spend much of their time on the road.
  • RPM Retail enables you to share real-time results with supplier partners.

Can RPM Retail be customised for my business?

  • Yes.  During the implementation process RPM Retail's consultants will ensure that the parameters and settings are tuned in line with your groups' strategic objectives.
  • RPM Retail advice will only be issued for categories, products and suppliers which you have approved.

How many users can RPM Retail support?

  • There is no limit to the number of people in your organization who can use RPM Retail.
  • RPM Retail is presently working with large retail groups with more than 100 stores and hundreds of users.

Can RPM Retail be installed on a server at our own premises?

  • No.  RPM Retail is hosted in our data centre so that our technicians can monitor data quality and implement updates when required. 
  • Off-site hosting lowers your total cost of ownership by reducing your technical support needs. 

What data security does RPM Retail provide?

  • RPM Retail encrypts your data in transit from your point-of-sale terminals to RPM Retail’s servers.  
  • Your data resides on dedicated servers within data centres which meet the highest standards in security and stability.  
  • Only authorised users are able to log into the RPM Retail application using their username and password.  
  • If you cancel the RPM Retail service, all your data is subsequently deleted.

Will any new hardware or software be required to use RPM Retail?

  • No additional hardware or software is required.
  • RPM Retail will install the daily extract alongside your existing point-of-sale system.  
  • Your RPM Retail database resides within a secure data centre.
  • All users access RPM Retail via the internet.

My point-of-sale data is not perfect. Will RPM Retail still work?

  • RPM Retail uses sophisticated automatic filtering processes to handle imperfect point-of-sale data.
  • RPM’s exception reports show where housekeeping is required and highlight areas within the business where operating procedures are not being followed.
  • RPM Retail’s consultants can provide advice on industry best-practices to improve your data quality.


Since implementing RPM Retail our gross margin has improved +4%, the proportion of dead stock at each store has fallen by -$20K and the frequency of out-of-stocks on best-sellers has fallen dramatically.
Geoff Moth, Operations Manager, Toyworld New Zealand

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