RPM Retail Takes Toyworld to “Infinity and Beyond”!

One of the major challenges for our business was obtaining useful data from a variety of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Establishing a centralised, networked system came at a high price, both to build and maintain....

Health 2000 Replaces Manual Systems

Profile Health 2000 50 branches with owner operators. 8 head office staff. Health sector. Challenges  No internal IT expertise.  No centralised sales database...

Hauraki Pharmacy's Passion for Retailing Renewed!

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Office Products Depot Eats an Elephant!

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Croxley Nutech Takes Away the Guesswork

Profile • Croxley Nutech • Largest national supplier of printing consumables. • Preferred supplier status with New Zealand’s leading book...

Shortly after implementing RPM Retail across our stores and head office, we engaged the support of our supplier partners. This not only helped to subsidise the investment in RPM Retail, but also gave suppliers a tool to reduce out-of-stocks, reduce the volume of dead stock, and support the drive for stronger gross margins.
Geoff Moth, Operations Manager, Toyworld New Zealand

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