Croxley Nutech Takes Away the Guesswork

• Croxley Nutech
• Largest national supplier of printing consumables.
• Preferred supplier status with New Zealand’s leading book & stationery chain.
• 950 products across 4 categories.

• A complex product range competing for limited instore display space.
• Frequent out-of-stocks on best sellers due to poor branch replenishment processes.
• Many “long tail” products that are slow moving or dead in some branches.
• Large territories meaning branch visits were infrequent.
• No visibility on sell-out data or inventory levels at branches.

• RPM Retail used by 1 sales manager, 6 field representatives and 1 telesales representative.
• All staff (including those with little computer confidence) were able to effectively drive RPM Retail.
• Field representatives able to reduce the time spent in each branch by 25% due to automated, real time inventory visibility.
• Out-of-stocks reduced by 20% on best selling products.
• Dead stock reduced by 8%.
• Increased average order value by 6% due to more efficient inventory management.


“RPM Retail is a powerful tool. It shows us the performance of our products in the retail channel and enables us to work alongside each retailer to better support their business. Our reps are now treated like trusted partners because they are using objective, timely data to enact changes – not just guesswork.”

Nigel Willard, National Sales Manager, Croxley Nutech

Instead of being overwhelmed with the challenges of running their business, our members are excited by the easy solutions provided by RPM Retail on a daily basis. Regular, digestible, incremental steps towards excellence – that’s how you eat an elephant!
Dianne McAteer, C.E.O, Office Products Depot

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