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Case Study

Driving Sales Growth with the RPM Loyalty Marketing Programme

Discover how Pharmacy 53 in Gisborne achieved remarkable sales growth through innovative digital marketing strategies powered by RPM.

Pharmacy 53’s success story with the RPM loyalty marketing programme underscores the transformative impact of targeted direct marketing initiatives in driving sales performance and enhancing customer engagement.

By leveraging RPM’s innovative and fully integrated digital marketing solutions, Pharmacy 53 overcame its communication challenge and continues to achieve outstanding sales results in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

The Challenge

Nigel Campbell, the owner of Pharmacy 53 faced the significant challenge of running an effective customer club in-store and struggling to communicate with his customer base. Traditional marketing in radio and print media was no longer effective. Despite rewarding club customers with instore discounts, there was no streamlined way to communicate with these customers, leading to missed opportunities for building lasting relationships and driving engagement and sales.

The Results

By incorporating the RPM loyalty marketing program, Pharmacy 53 implemented a comprehensive solution that included the development of a new website, establishment of a customer email database, and deployment of automated email marketing campaigns that link to website health advice and product pages. The results were remarkable.

Best Value

This is the most cost-effective marketing we have ever done! We can measure the positive results every month.
Nigel Campbell, Owner

Over 2000 Email Addresses

Pharmacy 53 has successfully collected over 2000 email addresses from its customer base, enabling the delivery of tailored email campaigns to engage customers and drive repeat business.

Triggered Emails

Leveraging RPM's data capabilities, Pharmacy 53 implemented triggered email campaigns to automatically send relevant messages based on customer shopping behavior, enhancing the effectiveness of the pharmacy’s marketing efforts.

37% Open Rate

The email marketing campaigns boast an impressive 37% open rate, indicating high levels of customer engagement and interest in the offers and promotions provided through the loyalty program.

78% of Retail Sales are now to Club Customers

The implementation of the loyalty marketing program led to a staggering increase in retail sales from club customers, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted email marketing in driving revenue growth.

$8.20 Higher Average Sale

Club customers now spend $8.20 more per transaction compared to the store average, showing the impact of personalised offers and incentives on increasing customer spending.

10% Yearly Sales Growth

Despite industry challenges, Pharmacy 53 achieved a commendable 10% yearly sales growth, outperforming market trends and solidifying its position as the leading retail pharmacy in Gisborne.