The Five Minute User Guide to RPM


Insights are the important messages relating to your store. They prevent you going Low in Stock or Out
of Stock of key products. They report on new top products, good things done in‐store and capital tied up in Dead Stock.

Depending on the type of Insight, you can email the insight to a colleague, view further information on product issues raised or add it to your ‘To Do List’ to deal with later.

Insights reveal, on a daily basis, the impact on your bottom line of making these suggested changes.

The Insights update daily, so it’s important to have a staff member log in once a day, for just a few minutes, to see any important updates. Use the reports on an ad‐hoc basis to see the performance of the store.  


The Scoreboard is an overview of how your store is doing relative to the average (or benchmark) of other stores within your group. It is colour coded. Red is below the average; Yellow is around the Average and Green is better than Average. This updates daily.

KPI Definition

For further information on what a KPI means or how it is calculated, click on the blue link to see a definition of the KPI.

Fix Wizard

Once you have looked at the information on the scoreboard, click on the Fix Wizard of a KPI you would like to improve. The Fix Wizard will lead you through ways to improve your business performance, breaking it down to a Supplier or Category level.

You can print out any of the pages of the Fix Wizard by using the printer icon in the top right-hand corner. The Fix Wizard only focuses on the highest value Categories / Suppliers or Products. To view a full list of items, click on the link to View all.


From the Scoreboard, you can view the performance of a KPI over a three-month period by clicking on the Graph Icon. A new window will pop up to show you how your store compares with the average for the group.

Reports – Action Reports

Action Reports help you to run your store quickly and efficiently. Each report title can be clicked on to run
a report.

The description highlights how the information is displayed once it has been run. Use them when you do your re‐ordering; need information on what other stores are stocking or when you need to evaluate your pricing.

Reports – Performance Reports

Performance reports are the detailed information on your business. Viewed biweekly or monthly they show the Sales and Stock performance of your store by Category, Supplier or Staff Member.

The Group Performance Reports show you the same sort of Category / Supplier information but from a group perspective. $ Figures are removed and the number of stores stocking a product are revealed.

Report Functionality

Re‐sort columns by clicking on the Column heading or drill down for more detail by clicking on a ‘blue link’ Use the icons on the top right-hand side to print. Export to Excel or change the focus (if the option exists).


To access data going back 2 years, select the Freestyle view from the drop-down box in the top menu
bar. For further information on the reports available within Freestyle, please see the Two‐minute Freestyle User Guide

Keeping Your Data Up to Date

If your store has not loaded information, you may notice a message under your scoreboard like this…

If you see this message, it means that the computer has been switched off at some point and missed the scheduled time to send information.

To rectify this:

  1. Click on the Start button of the computer.
  2. Select “All Programs” or “Programs.”
  3. Find RPM Retail on the list and click on this.
  4. Select the Transfer to “RPM Option” to begin a transfer. Your store will be up to date the
    following morning.
  5. Carry on with your normal day!
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