Two Minute Freestyle Report Guide

RPM Freestyle allows you to look back at two years’ worth of data. It is primarily for the Head Office analyst who may wish to analyse trends or track promotions over a period of time. Freestyle is only accessible via the drop-down option in RPM Retail’s main applications, RPM Gateway, RPM Toolkit and RPM Connect.

When using Freestyle, there are a number of possible reports that can be run. We have covered as many angles as possible and there is a way to find most data ‘sliced and diced’ in the way you want.

The Three Simple Steps to Getting
Information from RPM Freestyle.

Step 1. Choose your focus:
Do you want to view a report by Store, Category, Product, Supplier or Staff Member? This determines what will be listed in the first column.

Step 2.  Choose your format:
Do you want a Period Report, a Total Report, a Metric Report or a Graph?

  • If you want to see fixed Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports, Select a Period Report.
  • For greater flexibility on your date ranges, perhaps for monitoring promotions, select a Total Report.
  • To see a number of Metrics (KPI’s) in the one report, select a Metric Report.
  • Finally, to graph a result, click on the graphing option.

Step 3. Refine your choices:
Select single, multiple, or all options from the Focus Select Panel.
Select the Date Range or the Final Date on which you would like to report, then customise the final information, however you chose by selecting the Metric to display.

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