RPM Retail’s online sales analysis software uses your point-of-sale
data to deliver smart stock insights in plain-English


The Problem

The problem with business intelligence tools for retailers is that they are only used by a few people at your head office to do complex analysis of results. The resulting insights are either too late or at too high a level to make a difference at the retail front line. Your retail staff in stores and their supplier partners need an easy to use system that gives them visibility on the most important opportunities in each store, every day.

The Solution

RPM Retail delivers specific, actionable insights to your stores, head office decision-makers and suppliers every day. Using rules based on your retail best-practice,  RPM Retail turns your point-of-sale data into plain-English insights.  Because everyone can view the same information, your people are empowered to make better decisions that really improve performance.

RPM Retail is being used by over 600 New Zealand and Australian Retailers and their supplier partners including:

Toyworld, Hardy's Health Stores, PitaPit, West Liquor, Superette, SportsWorld and 200 Independent Pharmacies.

RPM Retail has now replaced all our manual systems for monitoring results and providing feedback to store managers. I use RPM Retail every day to track the group’s KPIs by store, by category and by supplier. Our promotional activity and negotiations with suppliers is significantly improved now that we have real time visibility on the performance of our products.
Alan Morpeth, C.E.O, Health 2000

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