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Case Study

Streamlining Inventory Management

Hardy's Health Stores faced significant challenges in inventory management. That's where RPM Retail stepped in.

Despite selling a wide range of natural health products, the group's retail POS system lacked forecasting capabilities for replenishment orders.

Client: Hardy’s Health Stores.

The Challenge

This limitation left the stores vulnerable to out-of-stock situations and inefficient store processes, hampering their ability to meet customer demand effectively.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Hardy’s Health Stores adopted RPM’s cloud-based software solution. RPM’s software seamlessly connected to the stores’ POS systems and provided a comprehensive suite of sales and inventory management tools, including smarter ordering functionalities. The RPM ordering software automated the preparation of forecast orders for each of the group’s more than 100 suppliers.

Store managers can log into the RPM platform, view, and edit suggested orders, adjust parameters such as days of cover, and view real-time sales history for each product. This empowered managers to fine-tune the ordering process according to their specific store needs. Orders are sent directly from the RPM software to the suppliers, streamlining the procurement process, and the orders are automatically loaded into each store’s POS system for efficient data entry of inward goods.

The Results

The implementation of RPM’s ordering software yielded significant benefits for Hardy’s Health Stores:

30 Automated Orders Per Day

Hardy's group owners gained complete visibility over orders at all stores, ensuring consistency and efficiency in procurement processes.

Improved Forecasting

Both store managers and group owners gained visibility into forecast orders for all suppliers, facilitating better decision-making and strategic planning.

2 Hours Per Day Gained

The transition from manual, paper-based ordering and data entry to an automated process resulted in significant time savings for store staff, freeing up hours of work each day.

Enhanced Supplier Relationships

Consistent electronic ordering by all stores improved the relationship with Hardy's suppliers, fostering better communication, and ensuring timely and accurate order fulfilment.