Everything you need for smarter retailing.

The RPM software app connects seamlessly with any POS system. The RPM dashboard benchmarks your retail performance to show you KPIs for every store’s sales, stock and staff.

You can log into RPM from any computer or mobile device and get reporting, dashboards and plain-English insights from the first day.

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RPM’s software transforms your data into results.

RPM’s Software is the definition of user friendly. Log in anywhere, anytime, on any device. For a low-cost monthly fee, you’ll have access to high-quality and smarter reporting from day one.

The RPM Retail Dashboard

RPM ‘s cloud-based Business Intelligence software connects with your existing POS system. Your store’s retail data remains safe and accessible via the RPM app, no matter where you are.

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Case Studies:

Performance Dashboards

Reporting & Analytics

Actionable Insights in Plain-English

Inventory Management

With RPM, our predictive ordering surpasses manual methods, minimising out-of-stock situations, maintaining ideal stock levels, and eliminating manual data input.

RPM orders are fully customisable and can be transmitted directly to your suppliers for maximum efficiency.

Case Studies:

Automated Ordering

Range Rationalisation

Store Operations Optimisation


The RPM retail performance reports show detailed analysis down to day-branch-sku level. This empowers you to devise the best product range and pricing strategies for every category, brand, store, and supplier.

Every RPM user can see essential retail KPIs, including Sales Growth, Gross Margin, Stock Turn, GMROI, Dead Stock, Low Stock and Optimal Days of Inventory Cover in real-time.

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Case Studies:

Price Benchmarking

Category Management Tools

Retail Training

Data Quality

RPM organises and fine-tunes your retail data for accurate reporting. By incorporating supplier product details such as descriptions, brands, barcodes, and product IDs, we ensure reliable sales and stock reporting.

This clarity allows both you and your supplier partners to track every transaction at every store.

Case Studies:

Easy Integration with any POS System

Product Information Management (PIM)

Real-Time Data Sharing

Omnichannel Integration

RPM links physical retailers with their online platforms. This ensures synchronisation of each store’s inventory, prices, purchases, and customer information. Promotional content is coordinated and monitored across in-store displays, online platforms, social media channels, and email campaigns.

This capability enables independent and franchise stores to compete online.

Case Studies:

Ecommerce Integration

Click & Collect

Digital Marketing

Electronic Direct Marketing

RPM’s automated campaign trigger rules enable your customers to receive tailored communication every time they make a purchase.

By engaging in personalised one-to-one marketing you will enhance the lifetime value of your stores’ loyalty club customers.

Case Studies:

Customer Loyalty

Marketing Automation

Customer Segmentation

“These tools are the perfect way for us to beat the discount pharmacies by reaching our customers with our personalised messages in a way that the big chains will never match.”

Simon and Georgina Murphy
Hillmorton Pharmacy

Industry-leading software with everything you need for smarter retailing.


RPM transforms your POS data into powerful, dynamic reports.


Clear, actionable data.

Plain-English actions

Clear, meaningful impact

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