Empowering retail success, one insight at a time.

Our RPM Software turns your POS data into data-driven insights for smarter retailing.

Smarter retailing for groups and suppliers of any size.

Smarter work
at every level of retail.

We empower store owners, retail groups and their suppliers with actionable insights.

Gain insight. Take action.

We help you to make data-driven decisions that increase sales and profits.

Easily optimise sales and stock at every store through better category management, more consistent pricing and promotions, and improved collaboration with suppliers.

Harness your data to increase customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage.

Our platform for retail success.

RPM Retail provides specialty retail groups with cloud-based software for real-time analytics and business intelligence.

We connect your group’s POS data with systems for smarter retailing.


Reduction in slow-moving stock.


Improvement in gross profit margin.


More returning customers.

Everything you need
to succeed in retail.

A full suite of Business Intelligence tools for smarter multi-store and franchise retailers.

Easy Integration with any POS System

Reporting & Analytics

Performance Dashboards

Ecommerce Integration

Customer Loyalty

Marketing Automation

Price Benchmarking

Automated Ordering

Range Rationalisation

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and insights.

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